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4-H PEI Western Region

4-H Specialist: Jackie Harlow

Phone: 902-836-0458
Fax: 902-368-6289

Kensington Post Office

Room 203
Kensington, PE, C0B 1M0


Regional Events

PEI image.png
PEI image.png

CLICK HERE for the Western Region Events Website

Information will also be shared in the monthly newsletter and notifications will also be sent to Overall Leaders and the members/leaders involved for which the event is planned

Western Region 4-H Council

Council Executive 2023-2024

(Current - October 2023)

Provincial Standing Committee & Board Reps

(Current - March 2024)


Vice President

Board of Directors

Sara Gamble

Lot 16 4-H Club

Angie Gallant

Elmsdale 4-H Club

Julie Stewart Ramsay

Key Leader

Gail Wallace

Kensington 4-H Club





Cathy Richard

Lot 16 4-H Club

Home Ec.

Brenda Larsen

Albany 4-H Club

Yvette Arsenault

Jane Doucette

Joan Gardiner

Susan Simmons

Robert Larsen

Albany 4-H Club

Jessica Reeves

Freetown-Harmony 4-H Club

Brenda Larsen

Albany 4-H Club

Yvette Arsenault

Evangeline 4-H Club

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