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Fairs & Exhibitions

Fairs and exhibitions serve as an excellent platform for 4-H members to display the effort they put into their projects annually. Participants can showcase their completed projects in 4-H Classes at various fairs and exhibitions on the Island, highlighting livestock and life skill projects in which they have been involved. These events also allow the public to observe members working with their animals, explore displays of life-skill projects, and participate in interactive 4-H activities to truly grasp the essence of the "Learn to do by Doing" motto.

2024 Exhibition Dates & 4-H Info

Schedules shared above are accurate at time of posting (May 15, 2024). Times are subject to change

Exhibition Rules & Guidelines

Class Rules & Guidelines

  • The link above includes General Livestock Info and ALL Animal Project Guidelines. Click & scroll to the project info you need!

  • Individual Animal ID & Entry Forms are listed below

  • Each entry (i.e. animal) requires a separate entry form 

  • Check individual Exhibitions (above) for class availability (not all animals will have classes at every exhibition)

  • DEADLINE to enter is June 1, 2024

Class Lists & Guidelines

  • Entry Forms are not required for Non-Livestock projects.  Please see individual Exhibitions (above) for drop off details

  • 4-H Staff will once again facilitate the 4-H Exhibition Circuit. Items entered/exhibited at Prince County & Crapaud Exhibitions will be transported by staff from Fair to Fair throughout the summer.

  • Larger items will be accepted for entry/exhibit BUT the transportation to and from ALL exhibitions will be the responsibility of the 4-H member.

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