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Club Executive Information & Training

As read in the 4-H Canada Member Booklet:

One of the most important parts of being in a 4-H club is actually running your 4-H club. You and your fellow members are in charge of running meetings and making decisions about your club. One of the ways 4-H helps you to build these leadership skills and share your voice in your club meetings is through something called Parliamentary Procedure

What is it?

  • Parliamentary procedure is basically how to run a good meeting!

  • This is a way for every member of your 4-H club to have a say in how the club is run. It allows you to develop leadership skills and learn about how to best work in group where people may have different ideas about what to do. It also allows the club to stay organized and keep track of its goals.

  • Your 4-H club leader will explain how this works when you attend your first meeting. There will also be members who have attended before who can show you the ropes!

Why is this an important skill to learn?

  • The 4-H club you are a member of is your club – all of the members have a say in how it is run and help to make decisions. To allow for every member in the club to be heard, we use the parliamentary procedures to keep everything organized.

Creating a Club Executive

  • To keep the club’s efforts and meetings organized, club members form an Executive Committee. These positions are elected by other club members. Some clubs may choose to rotate positions throughout the year, so that everyone has the opportunity to experience each role.

  • This allows you to take on a leadership role in your club, and gain experience in leading meetings, being responsible for the club’s funds, or taking notes and keeping everything organized!

4-H PEI Club Executive Resources 

4-H PEI Exec Resources
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