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New Volunteer Leaders

The Volunteer Leader screening process has been designed to create and maintain a safe environment for 4-H members while ensuring volunteers understand the 4-H program. 


4-H PEI provides programs to youth and therefore has a moral and legal responsibility to screen all volunteers to ensure the safety of 4-H youth, 4-H leaders and the 4-H organization as a whole.

New 4-H Volunteers/Leaders are required to complete the following steps to have "screened volunteer leader" status:





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New Volunteers must have two references (not related) of whom they have known for more than two (2) years and who have a definite knowledge the applicant's character. References might include an employer, 4-H Volunteer, Clergy, Co-Worker, or someone who knows of your ability to work with children & youth, etc. 

**Each reference will need to fill out a form and submit to the 4-H Office**

New Volunteers are welcome to send the online form to their references

CLICK HERE , copy the link & forward to your references


CLICK HERE , attach PDF and forward to your references


PRC image.jpg

(Police Record Check)

Including vulnerable
sector check

  • The 4-H office will send a request letter to the applicant which is to be submitted to the local RCMP detachment within two weeks of the listed date otherwise, the letter will be void. 

  • The completed PRC is usually ready for pick-up after 7-10 days. It must then be delivered (or e-mailed) to the 4-H PEI Office

  • PRC's must be updated every three years.

Each application will be reviewed by The Provincial Screening Committee. New Volunteers will be contacted about the status of their application following the committee's review.

You are NOT permitted to act in a volunteer leader role within a club until you have completed ALL of the volunteer screening requirements and have received a letter of conditional acceptance from the Provincial 4-H Screening Committee.

Completing the three requirement above gives you "Screened Leader" status. You are still required to have a volunteer of "Trained Leader" status with you, and vice versa, at all times when you are with a group of 4-H members.


If you would like to become trained please go here to complete the remaining steps.

4-H Canada implemented new Youth Safety Policies (click to read) as of 2020. More than ever, it is crucial that Clubs have an adequate number of Volunteer Leaders to help meet the Rule of Two Policy. We encourage ALL parents to complete the New Volunteer Leader requirements so that they are able to fill in when leaders are needed. 

As a 4-H volunteer leader, you have the opportunity to support youth as they Learn To Do By Doing. You are a part of a network of caring volunteers—a member of the 4-H family that exists in every province and in over 70 countries around the world. Please review this document for an overview of the 4-H Program. 

Volunteer Leader Guide - June 2020 - Click here to view

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New Leader Reference
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