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4-H PEI Roots

1930 Cup Photo 1.png

4-H began on Prince Edward Island in 1918 and was know as the Boys’ and Girls’ Club.  Separate clubs were in established for every project and among the first clubs to be formed were swine and poultry. In 1933 the program expanded outside of livestock with the introduction of the first sewing clubs.


By 1952, the name “Boys’ and Girls’ Club” was officially changed to “4-H Club” and the program adopted the traditional 4-H cloverleaf logo. Clubs were formed for many new projects including gardening, forestry, grain and potato. The first Rural Youth Fair was held in 1952 at the Provincial Exhibition grounds in Charlottetown. By the late 1950's 4-H was going strong with 130 active clubs and 2200 members.

The 1960's and 70's marked a major change for 4-H, as various types of clubs were combined into a singleclubs inresidential areas.  While this caused a decrease in the total number of clubs, it offered members a chance to try new and varied projects.  In 1968 4-H celebrated its 50th anniversary on Prince Edward Island with a provincial rally. The Prince Edward Island 4-H Council was formed in 1972, with Dot Henry of Summerside becoming the first president.  The Council helped formalize the involvement of volunteer leaders in the work of 4-H throughout the province.


In 1988, the Prince Edward Island 4-H Trust was established to develop funding for the support of new initiatives. The Trust was designed to help 4-H initiatives be developed through use of the interest gained on investments, without touching the principle money.

2018 marked the 100th anniversary of 4-H on PEI

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