4-H PEI Clubs & Regions

There are several levels to 4-H on PEI. At the very heart of this youth organization is the 4-H Club followed by Districts and then the

PEI 4-H Council.

4-H Clubs
  • The 4-H Club is the first point of contact for members and leaders.

  • The 4-H Club offers a home base where the majority of the 4-H learning and fun takes place.​​

  • There are currently 20 4-H Clubs on PEI, covering the island from tip to tip ... hover over your residential area on the map to locate the closest club for you! Then touch base with the 4-H Specialist for that area for information on how to join!

4-H PEI Regions
  • 4-H Clubs make up a 4-H Region

  • Regions are governed by Regional Councils consisting of representatives from the clubs within the Region.  

  • Regional Councils act as the voice for the members/leaders in the Regions and also assist with running different social events, both at regional and provincial levels to help members and leaders get to know 4-Hers outside of their club.

  • Each 4-H Region has a 4-H staff member dedicated to overseeing events, activities and club relations.

  • Click on your 4-H Region for more information

Western Region

Summerside & West Prince 4-H District Logo

Central Region

Eastern Region

PEI 4-H Council & Board of Directors
  • The PEI 4-H Council has a volunteer Board of Directors made up of Island leaders and members

  • The Board of Directors governs provincial 4-H policies, including the supervision of paid staff.

  • The current President of the PEI 4-H Council is Brenda Larsen