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Program Structure

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Clubs: Members & Leaders
On average, PEI has 20 Clubs per year. Clubs consist of 4-H members and project leaders. They are administered by an Overall Leader or a Team of Leaders. A Club is the first point of contact for members and leaders, offering a home base where the majority of 4-H learning and fun takes place.
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Regions & Regional Councils
As of February 2019, 4-H PEI restructured into three regions: Western, Central and Eastern. Each region is made up of 4-H clubs and governed by a Council. The Council is made up of representatives from the Clubs in that Region, along with key leaders and volunteers. Regional Councils act as a voice for the members and leaders within the Region and also assist with running special events. Each region has a staff person dedicated to assisting with events, activities and club relationships. 
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Provincial Staff
There are currently five Provincial Staff who work full time with 4-H PEI. Staff oversee the operations of the 4-H program Island-wide. They facilitate the communication of information, resources and events.
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Board of Directors
The PEI 4-H Council has a volunteer Board of Directors who govern 4-H PEI. Composed of representatives from each of the three regions. This group acts on behalf of members and leaders in the province to give focus to the mission of the program and for decision making on 4-H policies and implementation.
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4-H Trust
In 1987 the 4-H PEI Trust was established to provide additional funds for programs and services for the benefit of the 4-H movement, its members and leaders. 
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4-H Canada
4-H Canada provides funding to the Provincial Council as well as travel and learning opportunities for members, leaders and staff. They are responsible for the development and administration of innovative programs. 
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4-H Global Network
The Global 4-H Network believes that the power to build a more sustainable future lies with today's youth. To ensure global economic and political stability in the future, we must work now to create long-term solutions to strengthen our communities and feed our growing world.
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