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PEI 4-H Council

The Prince Edward Island 4-H Council oversees the 4-H Program on PEI, determining projects and policies through its Board of Directors, Executive and Provincial Standing Committees. The Council manages the Administrative Director who oversees the PEI 4-H staff. They seek support from donors and hold an annual general meeting where volunteer leader / representatives elect the Board and Executive Committee.

To operate, the program receives annual support from public and private donors. Regional 4-H Councils and 4-H Clubs also seek local support in their own communities.

The PEI 4-H Council consists of voting delegates from each club who meet early for the Annual General Meeting (AGM). A Board of Directors and Executive Committee are elected from these delegates to manage Council activities throughout the 4-H year.

PEI 4-H Council Board of Directors

as of May 2, 2024



Jeff Matheson

Vice President

Sophie MacDonald

Past President

Fred Vanderkloet


Ella Doucette


Gail Wallace

Staff Representative

Rayanne Frizzell


Western Region 

Julie Ramsay

Gail Wallace

Central Region 

Alanna MacPherson

Ella Doucette

Eastern Region 

Sophie MacDonald

Jeff Matheson

Directors at Large

Steve Howatt

Sally Ripley

4-H Canada Youth Advisory Rep

Neleah Lavoie

4-H PEI - Senior Member Rep

Skye MacNeill

Questions or Concerns? Contact the 4-H PEI Board of Directors directly via email

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