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Agriculture Awareness & Community Service Activities 

Ag Awareness - Potato Picking.jpg

Completing an Agriculture Awareness activity and a Community Service activity are requirements that 4-H members need to complete in order to meet the 4-H Year Completion Requirements. These activities will be organized by the Club, or in some cases at the Regional level.

Agriculture Awareness is one of the connection between 4-H and agriculture. This requirement helps to keep the 4-H movement connected to its roots and gives members a greater appreciation for the agriculture community.

One of the most valuable skills that anyone can learn is compassion for others. Through participation in Community Service activities, members (and leaders!) enjoy the shared experience of making a difference in the world around them. 

Each of these requirements are to be completed by the Club's Achievement Day date. If a member is unable to attend their Club's organized activity they are permitted to individually complete an acceptable activity that meets the standards for these requirements. Please discuss this with your Overall Leader or your 4-H Specialist prior to completing the activity. 

Agriculture Awareness Activity Ideas

  • Visit a local farm - potato, dairy, beef, blueberry, etc.

  • Plant a community flower garden

  • Reforestation 

  • Make an agreement with a local farmer to glean their field and donate to a local food bank

  • Invite someone from the Agriculture Industry to be a guest speaker at your Club meeting 

  • Use online resources! Learn about agricultural practices around the world.

Community Service Activity Ideas

  • Sing Christmas Carols at a local senior's home

  • Participate in the annual Women's Institute Road Side Cleanup

  • Make a donation to a local nonprofit organization 

  • Create care packages for a local shelter, seniors home, etc. and deliver them

  • Food Drive

  • Work with a community organization (park, church, etc.) to organize a clean up or maintenance day

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