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PEI Mutual Insurance Company
4-H Judging Competition 

The competition will be held over 3 evenings at 3 different farms!

Registration Fee: FREE!                    Deadline to Register: May 4, 2023



Who is eligible?  

  • PEI 4-H members of age 9 to 21 (as of January 1, 2023).

  • No experience necessary - beginners encouraged to participate!


  • To be eligible to place in their division the member must participate in at least 2 of  the 3 evenings

  • If a member participates in all 3 evenings then their 2 lowest scores will be dropped when tabulating the results.

  • Members are welcome to participate in only 1 evening but then will not be eligible for

What is a judging competition?

Judging is the evaluation of an exhibit and making a comparison to other exhibits in the class. Each class offers 10 minute of instruction by the judge, and 10 minutes for judging by the members. After evaluating each exhibit individually, a ranking is assigned to the entire class by both the members and the judge for that class. The goal of the members is to have their rankings match that of the judges. Judging is a fun way to hone your critical thinking skills and learn about what is involved in judging 4-H classes.

All information: Dates, times, locations, prizes, travel subsidies, can be found here!

Judging Guidelines


Register Here!


2022, Judging Competition Winner - Chloe Loane, with PEI Mutual Rep - George Matheson

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