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Thanks to your participation, the Member Advisory Committee (MAC) has now been recognized by the PEI Provincial Council Board of Directors as one of its Standing Committees!

Member Advisory Committee



4-H is what we make of it, and it's important for everyone to feel they can share their ideas, opinions and suggestions about the program because every voice counts! Thanks to the Senior Members who agreed to be a part of this exciting new initiative this year,4-H PEI now has its own Member Advisory Committee -- but you can call it MAC! 


Created to allow our members a greater voice in their organization, this new member-drive committee will now be a permanent part of 4-H PEI.  During Reorganization in the Fall, every Club will be able to select a MAC representative, who will be a part of their elected Executive team.  "MAC Missions" (see item on this page) will be one tool we use to share thoughts and ideas. But communication is a two-way street so members who have an issue they feel strongly about can suggest Missions to their club reps as well!

Regional Co-Chairs
Rae Matheson - Eastern Region Co-Chair

"I took the position because MAC sounded like a amazing idea and a good middle ground to have between the board and 4-H members. It was, and is, a place where members talk about events, projects, and issues from their point of view. MAC is 4-H members representing the wants and needs of themselves and other 4-H members."

Johnathan Lauwerijssen - Western Region Co-Chair

"It is important for members to be apart of MAC because it allows 4-H PEI to learn from the core of the organization. Members who are apart of MAC get to share insightful ideas on how to improve 4-H in PEI and make it a greater program then it already is."

William Muirhead - Central Region Co-Chair

"MAC is the perfect opportunity for member input into 4-H events, advertising material and programs. It is the voice for the members on how they want to see 4-H run.  Members are the ones with the best ideas on how to retain older members, and how to attract our peers to 4-H".

MAC's Regional Co-Chairs don't represent their own clubs but do provide support to the MAC Club Reps in their 4-H District(s).   The Co-Chairs collect information from Club reps which is shared with the Provincial Council Board of Directors by one of the Co-Chairs who attends each bi-monthly Board meeting. Co-Chairs also collect and communicate "MAC Missions" from the Board to the Club Reps every two months.  

Club Reps

Each 4-H Club has the ability to elect a Senior member to act as its MAC representative for a one-year term, with the option of an additional one-year term.  These reps agree to collect and share information from their club members with their Regional MAC Co-Chairs, who pass that information along to the Provincial Council Board of Directors.


The following Senior members volunteered in the role of Club Mac Reps in the 2016-2017 4-H club year:



Albany Centennial

 Jessica Larsen









Melanie Arsenault






Emma Praught


Lot 16





 Rhea Gallant



 William Muirhead



Kimberly Bain


Fort Augustus



Millview-Vernon River

 Kirsten Kouwenberg


North River

 Jamie Hughes


Pleasant Valley

 Bryce Doiron


Wheatley River





Molly Loane



Jory Donovan


Points East



Grand River East

Sophie MacDonald



Brandon Malone

Every two months MAC members will be presented with a new MAC Mission, which will be shared by your Regional MAC Co-Chair. The Mission is a question or subject that the Provincial Council Board and staff would like to know more about from 4-H members across the Island. Members are encouraged to share their ideas and opinions on the Mission in person at their Club meetings - either verbally or by jotting down their thoughts on a Post-It Note!  Club MAC reps will share the information with their

Co-Chairs who will bring it back to the Board of Directors.


Current MAC Mission: Coming Soon!

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