Due to the current situation, the PEI 4-H project meetings have some added requirements due to COVID-19 please review our Updates & Forms Page before hosting any meetings. Thank you!

**Member Guides are now updated and revised. Please do not use outdated member guides. 

When requesting project book orders, please give staff advance notice to prepare your order.

You can also contact your 4-H Specialist or the 4-H PEI Office for assistance!

Outdoor & Gardening Projects

The Great Outdoors

The woods, the wilderness, the wild!! It's time to get outside and get back to nature!

Members and leaders are encouraged to work together to explore, discover and obtain a better understanding of the world around us!

  • Member Guide

  • Leader Resource (Please contact your specialist for copies)


A sport where members get together and shoot at targets and silhouettes while having a great time! Through this project, learn about safety precautions, techniques and equipment.

  • Member Guide 

  • Leader Resource (Please contact your specialist for copies)

PLANT SERIES (Gardening, Floriculture & Potato Projects)

  • There are three separate projects in the Plant Series, Gardening, Floriculture & Potato.

  • These are considered Spring 4-H Projects and Deadline to Register is April 15 

  • Achievement Day for Spring Projects will be held at Rural Youth Fair

GARDENING - This is the perfect project for the plant enthusiast. You will learn an abundance of skills and knowledge related to plant life and gardening. 

  • Member Guide (Please contact your specialist for copies)

FLORICULTURE -  As a member in this project, you will learn the proper way to grow your own flower garden, start houseplants from cuttings, and learn how to make beautiful flower arrangements.

  • Member Guide (Please contact your specialist for copies)

POTATO - Growing potatoes on Prince Edward Island is much more than just an industry…it’s a way of life!  Islanders have been growing potatoes since the late 1700’s and the industry remains the lifeblood of the Island economy. Take this project and join the tradition!

  • Member Guide (Please contact your specialist for copies)

  • Bicycle

  • Lobster 

  • Timber Sports

Additional Resource Material (available upon request)

Please check with the 4-H Specialist in your area for additional resource material on any of The Great Outdoor Projects


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