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Technology & Trades 4-H Projects


Learn how a camera works, how to take care of it, how to compose a picture, tips for taking picture of people, animals, landscapes, how to use light and flashes. Digital photo editing resources are also available for members interested in “Stepping Beyond.”

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Work smarter, not harder. An introduction to how to make simple machines make work easier for us.


Blast into this project as you discover the principals of model rocketry including rocket construction, science and flight.


Working with fire and metal is a timeless tradition that goes back to the early days when man first started making tools from iron during the iron age. Learn basic terminology, about the necessary tools, how to build a forge, and create some unique pieces. There are four divisions, based on skill level, in this project; project leader has discretion to assign division to each member.


You’ll be shocked by how much you will learn! Learn where that zap of electricity comes from, how to make it and how to use it! Members will explore how to create simple, parallel and series circuits!

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Get your gears going with hands-on learning! You’ll explore how an engine works, the parts of an engine, cleaning, maintenance and trouble-shooting. If you are interested in mechanics, agriculture , ATVs or other sport machines, this project is for you. In the first unit members will display a small two stroke engine, prepared and cleaned, that project group worked on  throughout the year.        

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A continuation of the Small Engines Project. In this unit members will learn about the maintenance of a carburetor, starter or generator, as well as diagnosing problems in a two stroke engine.


Woodworking 4-H Project Series

Age 9-21

Ever want to try your hand at woodworking, but didn’t have the tools?! This project is a great opportunity to partake in some woodworking fun - all you need to participate is your creativity. Bird feeders and a shelf are just a couple of items you could make. Three different units are offered:


Project Completion requirements include a gumball machine and an item of choice.

wood working ii.jpg

Project Completion requirements include a birdhouse, a shelf and an item of choice.

wood working iii.jpg

Project Completion requirements include a foot stool and two items of choice.

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