Reorganization During COVID


November 18th, 2020

The Provincial Office is open by appointment only. Please call or email the office or the person you are looking to meet with before you arrive. Provincial Office Contact information - Click here

With the announcement yesterday that non-medical masks will be required in all public indoor spaces, the 4-H PEI Board of Directors has decided to implement new mask requirements.


Effective 12:01 am, Friday, November 20, 2020, non-medical masks will be required to be worn by all participants (including members, volunteers, families, guests) at ALL 4-H meetings and activities across PEI.  The only exemption will be for members who are presenting their Communications project - these members should wear a mask until in position on stage, remove the mask to present and then put their mask back on to return to their seat.   The member's presentation area should be a minimum of 6' from any other person, although it's strongly recommended to be 10-12'. Social Distancing is still required.


The Board recognizes that this guideline exceeds the requirements of the Chief Public Health Officer, however they believe it is in the best interest of our 4-H members, volunteers and families to take additional precautions and ensure that the expectations are clear.   Members/Volunteers who are medically exempt from wearing a mask should contact their Overall Leader or 4-H PEI's AD, Rayanne Frizzell.


Thank you for your understanding.


The following are considerations that your club should think about when planning an in-person activity of any size.  This list is not meant to be exhaustive and you are encouraged to follow PEI’s Public Health updated guidelines We will do our best to provide updates to Overall Leaders over the 4-H year as things may change.

  • All federal and provincial health guidelines are met, or exceeded, with in-person programming.  It is your responsibility to be aware of current protocols as they change. 

  • It is required that each member/leader family attending has signed the waiver provided by 4-H Canada prior to entering/attending their first activity/event.  These waivers are completed online and done once per family to cover all 4-H activities for our year.

  • It is required that each person attending be screened at every 4-H activity/event. (see below for screening questions – 4-H families should pre-screen at home with these questions and be asked at the door if they completed their screening).

  • Effective 12:01 am, Friday, November 20, 2020, non-medical masks will be required to be worn by all participants (including members, volunteers, families, guests) at ALL 4-H meetings and activities across PEI. Social Distancing is still required.

  • No food or beverage should be served.

  • Washrooms must be disinfected regularly.

  • Frequently touched surfaces must be disinfected regularly. Shared equipment must be cleaned/ disinfected after each use or it cannot be used.

  • Your club must guarantee that the number of attendees does not exceed the maximum gathering size as determined by Chief Public Health Officer (Phase 4 = 50 people) and physical distancing (6’) between family units maintained.

  • Hand hygiene stations must be stationed at the entrance and exit of the event and throughout the location.

  • It is recommended that one entrance and one exit be specified so that contact is minimized.

  • Car Pooling is not recommended at this time.

  • A list of all attendees with contact information must be created and submitted to the Provincial Office after EACH event/meeting.  A sample form and signage is included. These lists will be kept for 30 days to assist with contact tracing if necessary.  Lists can be submitted via email or a photo via text to 902-393-4248.


Covid-19 Screening Questions

It is required that all participants be screened at every activity/event

1. Are you experiencing any symptoms of illness such as cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell?

2. Have you traveled internationally within the last 14 days?

3. Have you traveled outside of Atlantic Canada (NS, NB, NL, PE) in the last 14 days?

4. Have you been diagnosed with Coronavirus/Covid-19 and not yet cleared as non-contagious by provincial or local public health authorities?

5. Have you been exposed to someone with a suspected and/or confirmed case of the Coronavirus/COVID-19?


Answering yes to any of the above questions means the member/leader and family are not permitted to attend an event or activity.

Note - The below three documents should be on hand at all functions/gatherings of any kind. 

1. 4-H Canada Waiver - (required by every family, volunteer or attendee) - Complete Online Now

    Click here to view and Download (document must be saved before you enter your information)

2. COVID Screening Poster (required to be posted at the entrance at all events or gatherings) - Click here to Download

3. Contact Tracing Sign-in sheet (required at the entrance at all events or gatherings) - Click here to Download

Member Enrollment 


  1. Member Enrollment Form - Click here to complete

  2. Code of Conduct - Click here to complete 

  3. 4-H Canada Covid Waiver (one per family) - Click here to complete 

  4. Club registration fees - Your club's Overall Leader will discuss instructions on how these are to be paid (fees/method may vary by Club)

Volunteer Screening & Training

The Volunteer Leader screening process has been designed to create and maintain a safe environment for 4-H members while ensuring volunteers understand the 4-H program. 


4-H PEI provides programs to youth and therefore has a moral and legal responsibility to screen all volunteers to ensure the safety of 4-H youth, 4-H leaders and the 4-H organization as a whole.

NEW 4-H PEI Volunteer/Leaders

New 4-H Volunteers/Leaders are required to complete the following steps for Screening: 

4.    Obtain TWO (2) Personal References from individuals who are NOT family members.

*References may use the *NEW* online form (Click Here and forward to your references)


*New Leaders can forward a PDF Version for references to complete and return to the Office

5.     Provide a clear Police Record Check (PRC), including a Vulnerable Sector check.

  • New Leaders must obtain a PRC request letter from the 4-H office and deliver to the police agency covering the area in which he/she lives.  This must be done within two weeks of the date on the request letter, otherwise, the letter will be void.  The completed PRC is usually ready for pick-up after 7-10 days. It must then be delivered (or e-mailed) to Elizabeth at the 4-H PEI Office

   6.    Commit to Kids Volunteer Training -Online training for ALL 4-H Volunteers via 4-H Canada

How to & Introduction - Click Here

F.A.Q. - Click Here

  • The Commit to Kids online training has been developed by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection for organizations like 4-H. The training provides up-to-date and relevant best practices to increase the personal safety of children and youth.

  • All 4-H volunteers, leaders and staff must complete the Commit to Kids online training as part of their screening process. The training is free to all 4-H volunteers, leaders, staff and board members.

  7.    Youth Safety Training *NEW*

  • This is new training that has been developed by 4-H Canada and will be presented by 4-H PEI. The original intended design was to be done in person, but Covid-19 Restrictions has complicated that. It is a total time of 1-1.5 hours and reviews all of the contents of the Youth Safety Policies.  We will be providing clubs with a video recording for leaders to watch together in a meeting setting to cover off this new training. Overall Leaders will provide an attendance list for their club leader meeting.  Any leaders who miss this will have to make arrangements to complete.

Each application package will be reviewed by a Screening Committee. New Leaders will be contacted about the status of their application following the committee's review.

You are NOT permitted to act in a leader role within a club until you have completed ALL of the volunteer screening requirements and have received a letter of conditional acceptance from the Provincial 4-H Screening Committee.

As a 4-H volunteer leader, you have the opportunity to support youth as they Learn To Do By Doing. You are a part of a network of caring volunteers—a member of the 4-H family that exists in every province and in over 70 countries around the world. Please review this document for an overview of the 4-H Program. 

Volunteer Leader Guide-June 2020 - Click here to view

RETURNING 4-H PEI Volunteers/Leaders

  1. 4-H volunteer leaders are asked to submit a Returning Volunteer/Leader Form each year.

  2. Complete 4-H Canada Code of Conduct  - Click here to complete

  3. Complete 4-H Canada Covid-19 Waiver  - Click here to complete (one required per household) 

  4. Returning Leaders are required to complete the Commit to Kids Training (see details above). A refresher course will need to be completed every three years. 

  5. Returning leaders are required to and resubmit a Police Record Check every three years.

  6. Returning Volunteers are required to complete the *New* Youth Safety Training. Your club will offer dates for this training.


For more information contact your Regional 4-H Specialist