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Personal Development 4-H Projects

Looking Good Feeling Great.png

Looking Good, Feeling Great 4-H Project

Age 12-21

  • Project Booklet for Member

When you feel great, you look good, and if you look good, you feel great. That’s what this 4-H project is all about! Get motivated and put your best foot forward, be inspired, learn about your strengths and how to make the best of them. This project can be studied individually, but is certainly more fun if taken together with friends and/or fellow 4-H’ers. Explore topics, such as, steps to better communication, wardrobe, skin care, aromatherapy, yoga, art and whatever else you feel can help you on your personal development journey!

Looking Good, Feeling Great Project
grandparent volunteer.png

Grandparent 4-H Project

Age 12-21

  • Project Booklet for Member

Are you ready to have an adventure with a new friend?! In this project, members (and leaders) will have the opportunity to explore relationship building and intergenerational dynamics. Learn about empathy, life lessons, communication skills, creativity and problem solving through this invaluable life experience. Gain an appreciation for older adults and what contributions you, and they, can make to the world around you.

Grandparet Project
bach survival.png

Bachelor Survival 4-H Project

Age 9-21

  • Project Booklet for Member

Learn essential living skills such as sewing on a button, hemming your pants, preparing a meal, doing your laundry and much more!

Bachelor Survival Project

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