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Leadership 4-H Projects

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Leader Directed

Project leaders will need to contact the 4-H Office to get a copy of the project application form.

Do you have a project idea that 4-H PEI doesn’t offer? Have you checked the 4-H LEARNS library? Sometimes 4-H Leaders or Members have a project idea that 4-H doesn’t offer… yet! This project is a leader directed project involving the creation of a NEW 4-H project or skill that they would like to share with members.

There is a form is to be filled out by the project leader, and submitted to your 4-H Specialist before you start the project AND no later than December 15th.


Do Your Own Thing

Age 12-21

Project Proposal can be found at the back of the member booklet.

There may be times when projects options do not match the current interests of 4-H members OR a 4-H member may have already completed all of the available levels for a particular project (i.e. Woodworking, Horse & Pony, Photography, etc.). Do you have an idea for a 4-H project that is not offered by the 4-H PEI program? This is an independent 4-H project that encourages you, as a member, to explore and choose what you want to learn in 4-H. You must have a leader who will oversee your project work and help you overcome any challenges that might come your way. A Project Proposal is due to be submitted to your 4-H Specialist no later than December 15th. 

Do Your Own Thing

Junior Leadership 4-H Project

Age 15-21

Project Application can be found at the back of the member booklet.

Share your interests with other club members! As a junior leader you can expect to develop an appreciation for working with members and/or leaders all while inspiring and motivating them to carry out given tasks. This is an opportunity for you, as a senior member, to learn how to work effectively with others in planning, teaching and communicating, while carrying out your vision of a project or event.

An application must be submitted to your 4-H Specialist no later than December 15th.

Junior Leadership

4-H PEI Publications: Terms of Use

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Upon authorized consent for use of 4-H PEI resources, the following terms and conditions apply:

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