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Leadership & Personal Development

Leadership and Learning (External High School Credit Opportunity) UPDATED 2018

Following an extensive review and revision process, 4-H PEI is excited to relaunch the 4-H Leadership and Learning Credit Project (formerly the High School Credit Project). Thanks to the hard work of an internal committee, with input and approval of the Flexible Learning Support division at the Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture, we think the updated Project materials are now clearer and more user-friendly for everyone involved.


-->This project is available to 4-H members in grades 10 - 12

-->The student must have successfully completed the 4-H Year previous to the one they will be     

      taking the Credit for as a member in good standing and be currently enrolled in the 4-H     



R.E.A.L. Skills (offered every other year)

The Rural Employment and Life Skills was designed to provide our members with Real Skills as they venture into the world of employment.  Members will be given the opportunity to learn practical skills that will help in preparation for employment by building experience in:

  • Basic Mechanics

  • WHMIS - Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

  • Finance

  • Resume Writing and Interview Skills

  • Safe Food Handling

  • First Aid

This project is available to 4-H members 14-21​

With skills acquired in these sessions, members will gain insight into different occupations to help determine individual interests and skill set. Members completing the project will possess a professional portfolio documenting skills acquired and workshops completed...a great asset to have when hunting for a job!

Junior Leadership

The RESPONSIBILITY of leadership, the CHALLENGE of assisting others, and the OPPORTUNITY to expand your personal experiences best sums up the objectives of the  Junior Leadership project.

As a Junior Leader you can:

  • Share your skills and interests for a particular 4-H project with other members.

  • Act as the club's Recreation Leader, helping to plan fun programs and games for after your business meeting or at club/district events

  • Act as the club's representative at the District Council level.

  • Sign-up to be the MAC rep for your club where members are encouraged to have an active presence on the PEI 4-H Member Advisory Committee.


-->This project is available to 4-H members 15+ (as of January 1 of the current 4-H year)

-->Members MUST have a screened leader to guide/advise AND sign-off on the completed project.

Do Your Own Thing (Member Directed - Formerly known as Self-Determined)

4-H'ers have great ideas for projects and activities that may not be listed as a 4-H PEI Project. "Do Your Own Thing" allows members to build on an already existing 4-H project, exploring new objectives and learning outcomes.  This project also encourages members to design and develop a project based on areas of personal interest.


-->This project is available to 4-H members 12+ (as of January 1 of current 4-H year)

-->Members MUST have a screened leader to guide/advise AND sign-off on completed project.

Create-A-Project (Leader Directed)

Are you a 4-H Leader with an idea for a new 4-H project? Perhaps you have a group of members interested in exploring an idea not currently offered on the 4-H PEI Project List.  This is the place to design and develop new projects - directed by leaders and designed with our 4-H'ers ever changing interests in mind!


-->There is no provincial age restriction for this project.  However, Create-A-Project leaders do have discretion on member participation based on the nature of the project.

-->A member guide is NOT available for this project. However, a proposal guide, of which leaders are asked to submit with project details, learning outcomes, achievement day and exhibition requirements, must be submitted and may be used to develop a project for the future.

Looking Good, Feeling Great

​If you feel great, you look good; if you look good, you feel great! That is what this project is all about! This project will teach you to love, nurture and care for your body from the inside out. Projects range from nutrition and physical activity to self esteem and body image.


-->This project is suitable for both male and female members ages 12-21.

Bachelor Survival

​In this project, 4-H'ers are encouraged to learn about basic life skills. Knowing how to take care of yourself is a skill in itself.  This project is a great starting point for developing basic life skills. 


-->This project is suitable for both male and female members ages 12-21.

Grandparents Project

Are you ready to have an adventure with a new friend?! In this project, members (and leaders) will have the opportunity to explore relationship building and intergenerational dynamics. Learn about empathy, life lessons, communication skills, creativity and problem solving through this invaluable life experience. Gain an appreciation for older adults and what contributions you, and they, can make to the world around you.

Additional Resource Material (available upon request)

Please check with the 4-H Specialist in your area for additional material on any of the Leadership & Self Development Projects


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