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Industrial Technology & Trade

Defined as the use of engineering and manufacturing technology to make production faster, simpler and more efficient.The industrial technology field employs creative and technically proficient individuals who can help a company achieve efficient and profitable productivity.

4-H PEI offers a number of different industrial technical learning projects aimed at helping you think and develop practical life skills.

Electricity Project

You will be shocked by how much you can learn! Discover where that zap of electricity comes from, how to make it and how to use it! Learn all about simple, parallel and series circuits!

Gears, Gizmos & Gadgets

Work smarter, not harder. An introduction to how simple machines make work easier for us.

Rocketry Project

Blast into this project as you discover the principals of model rocketry including rocket construction, science and flight.

Small Engines I & II

Get your gears going with hands on learning. You'll explore how an engine works, the parts of an engine, cleaning, maintenance and trouble shooting. If you are interested in mechanics, agriculture, ATVs and other sport machines, this is for you! 

​​​Available Categories 

Lego Engineering 

Let's Play! The LEGO project is a great way to grow problem-solving skills, fine motor development and will develop imagination and creativity. Learn to make 3-dimensional objects and gain hands-on experience with geometry, mathematics and engineering concepts! By combining science and fun, the LEGO project is a great example of the 4-H motto: “Learn to Do by Doing”.

Woodworking Projects

Learn all about woodworking in three different units. Starting off at the basics, you'll learn how to use hand tools, and sand to a smooth finish. By the end of the third unit, you'll be using power tools and making wood joints. You will have the chance to build useful items such as your very own gumball machine, a shelf for your room and a footstool for home!


Working with fire and metal is a timeless tradition that goes back to the early days when man first started making tools from iron during the iron age. Learn basic terminology, about the necessary tools, how to build a forge, and create some unique pieces. There are four divisions, based on skill level, in this project; the project leader has the discretion to assign division to each member.
Disclaimer: Project members must be Intermediate or Senior 4-H members, minimum age being 12 years.


Welcome to the world of bugs! Entomology, also known as the study of Insects, is a branch of science that has proved to be instrumental in understanding the natural world happening around us. This project aims to teach members how to properly catch, study and identify some of the smallest animals in our ecosystems so that they too can gain respect and understanding of these little critters!

Sustainable Living 

The Sustainable Living Project will guide members through the language and concepts that are useful to understanding “green” solutions to everyday life. This project includes activities and learning techniques that will allow members to get hands on experience making sustainable choices that will benefit the environment and themselves.


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