**2019 - Member Guides are now updated and revised. Please do not use outdated member guides. 


When requesting project book orders, please give staff advance notice to prepare your order.

You can also contact your 4-H Specialist or the 4-H PEI Office for assistance!

The Equine Project teaches members about different equine breeds, the parts of the animal, safety, health, care, etc.


Introduction to Equine (1st year/beginner members)

Equine Project

Additional Resource Material (available upon request)

National Farm Animal Care Council - Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines (2013)

Everything Equine Unit - Hay for Horses #1
Everything Equine Unit - Horses in Literature
Everything Equine Unit - Vital Signs


**Horse & Pony members & leaders are also welcome to visit 4-H Alberta Horse Resources