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Foods & Entertaining 4-H Projects

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This project series will give members an opportunity to learn everything from food safety and preparation tips, kitchen equipment, to proper meal etiquette and menu planning! Explore metric versus imperial measurements, along with the best way to cook and measure different food ingredients. Canada’s Food Guide will be visited in each topic, teaching members how to make healthy food choices. Members will have a well rounded recipe box by the time they complete the Food & You series!


Project Completion requirements include chocolate chip cookies, cookies in a jar and a recipe file.


Project Completion requirements include pan rolls and menu planning


Project Completion requirements include yogurt muffins, recipe file and a dairy related special project.

Project completion requirements include a carrot cake, recipe file and a potted herb plant.

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Members will select four provinces or territories to explore, taking time to research each choice in-depth, then preparing recipes native to those regions. A minimum of six sessions must be planned for this project choice.


Similar to the Foods & You Series, members will learn a wide range of kitchen and food-related information, including food safety, kitchen tools, measuring techniques and Canada’s Food Guide recommendations. The focus will be on preparing food using only a microwave and the best practices to use.

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Project completion requirements include brownies, potpourri and a recipe file.

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Project completion requirements include apple crisp, recipe file and local food knowledge.

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Members will review the basics of food safety and preparation tips, proper measuring techniques and Canada’s Food Guide recommendations. This project will give special focus to cooking protein foods, including everything from nuts to pulses, to eggs, meat and fish. Members will be responsible for planning, preparing and cooking a meal for invited guests.

Cake Decorating Projects

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Cake decorating can transform a plain, delicious cake into a special dessert. Members will learn how to properly bake a cake, make and work with butter cream icing and learn how to use several different tips to fill their “canvas” with beautiful colours and patterns.

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A step up from Cake Decorating I, members will learn about different types of icing, tips and how to make floral arrangements. This project also introduces the art of sculpting, using fondant, gum paste and modeling chocolate. 

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