COVID-19 Update from 4-H PEI


June 30th, 2020

Return to In-person Programming – 4-H PEI


As you are aware, the Board of Directors suspended all in person programming until June 30th and has removed the Achievement Day requirement for this year. All members will "complete" this year and remain in good standing. As the situation has settled and more and more things have resumed operations a decision was needed for summer events. We sent out a survey to get some feedback from the membership on their appetite to have activities, and what type of activities they would be most interested in. There were 109 responses, and from it the board concluded that:


  • there is not a huge appetite to have activities before Fall 2020

  • those who do want events would like to see them small, mainly within clubs/projects and families would attend. Social activities preferred over project work or learning opportunities.


The Board appreciates that each family is under a different set of circumstances at this point and therefore has made the following decision:


Beginning July 1 until August 31, Club or Regional activities may resume following Provincial and Federal Health guidelines. For each organized activity, an Event Activity Plan must be completed and approved by the Provincial 4-H office prior to happening (see attached document). This document outlines the requirements that must be met to ensure a safe event for our members and leaders and to meet requirements of 4-H Canada's insurance. All activities for July and August are 100% voluntary for members and leaders and there is NO requirement for clubs to host any activities. This approach allows our clubs to decide what is best for them and allows them to offer programming if they so choose. Regions will also be able to host activities if they so choose and staff assistance may be available to help with club or regional activities.


Individuals who are interested in hosting an event should refer to for complete details, the Event Activity Plan Form and 4-H Canada’s waiver.  Submissions must be received 1 week prior to the event and must be approved.


The board and staff will continue to look forward to September and how our new 4-H year will look and possibly have to change. At this time, the office remains closed to the public (as they have requested we keep foot traffic to a minimum) but staff are still available by email or phone.


May 8th, 2020


The 4-H PEI Board of Directors met on Wednesday May 6th to discuss the 4-H program. At this time, they have extended the suspension of all in-person meetings and activities until June 30th.

They have also decided to suspend traditional Achievement Days at the club level this year.  Staff will look at ways for members to complete their projects this year in a new format and details will be released in early June for those members who wish to complete.   The Board understands that Covid-19 has presented various challenges for our 4-H families and so have decided that members are not required to complete their project and that no member will be penalized for not completing a project in the 2019-2020 4-H year.

Virtual Projects are available for those members who may want to take a new project or complete the project they had previously registered for.   Visit, the registration deadline has been extended to May 22nd for most projects.  Leaders who have chosen to continue leading a project at a local club level must continue to meet virtually or by telephone until June 30th.  There is no insurance coverage for in person activities at this time.

The board will await an announcement from the PEI Association of Fairs and Exhibitions before making a decision on summer programming.  At this point, members who may be interested in attending these events (if they go ahead) with a livestock project or who would like to be considered for The Royal Dairy & Beef Teams must submit their Animal ID and Royal registration (dairy only) by the June 1st deadline.  Forms will be posted to the PEI 4-H Website when they are available. This may change as we hear more about the plans from PEI Fairs and Exhibitions and The Royal. We will update membership accordingly as we know more.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we navigate this unprecedented situation.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Administrative Director Rayanne Frizzell at or 902-393-4248.



Brenda Larsen

President, PEI 4-H Council 


April 3rd, 2020


The Board of Directors met via Zoom Call on Wednesday April 1, 2020 to discuss 4-H activities moving forward. This is to update you on decisions that have been made to date as well as other items the Board will be keeping an eye on as we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic. These are uncertain times for everyone!


We will host Regional calls next week that are open to Leaders and Senior Members in their region. Coordinates will follow from Specialists. PEI Board Chair Brenda Larsen and Administrative Director Rayanne Frizzell plan to attend these virtual calls.


Suspension Date

The PEI Board has agreed to further suspend all in person meetings, activities and events until May 11, 2020 (following with the Public Schools Branch) although we do fully anticipate this date will be extended further. This means that NO meetings or events should be happening with members in person, including in an outdoor or barn setting. If the member does not live on the property, they should not be attending in-person work. For leaders who are working with their own children, you are welcome to continue your project work.


Provincial Achievement Day Proposal Meeting


This was originally scheduled for May 5th . Rayanne has checked in with clubs, and at this point not all clubs have been able to have an in-person conversation. The board is in no rush to put this proposal through and wants the membership to have a chance to discuss. At this time, we will wait until we know more about scheduling gatherings and make a decision when more is known for a new timeline. We anticipate this will be well into summer or even the fall to allow ample time for discussion at club and Regional levels. On Monday we will release the FAQ page that was promised based on the limited feedback and questions that have been received to date. You are welcome to continue to send in questions and comments over the next several weeks to and we will continue to update questions and answers moving forward.




The PEI Board has canceled all Regional and Provincial Communication Competitions for 2020. They acknowledge that there are still 5 clubs across PEI who have not had a club competition and that some members in other clubs may still need to complete their communications. Specialists will work directly with these clubs and Communications leaders to discuss how best to get their members to complete. This may mean delaying until in person gatherings are possible or exploring electronic options in the near future. Specialists have the flexibility to work with the clubs on what works the best for them but the expectation is that all members will complete a communications project in some form this year!




The board has canceled the Junior and Intermediate Camps that were scheduled for June 27-July 1. We wanted to give the camp as much notice as possible and hope to work with Camp Triumph in 2021 for a camp for Junior and Intermediate members.


Achievement Day Deadlines


The board has agreed to extend the Achievement Day deadline to August 31st for this year. Specialists will work with clubs once there is a better understanding of planning events in the summer months. When more is known, the board will also look to alternative options for project completion if they are needed.


Poster Competition


We are launching a new poster competition for members on Monday with a deadline to enter of July 17th as we hope to have the posters on display for the Exhibition circuit.


Virtual Projects - Click Here to View Details of the below projects


The staff have spent the last week working on new Virtual projects for our members. With much uncertainty, we wanted to give members an opportunity to work on projects while at home. The team has developed a plan and resources for several projects that we are pleased to offer the membership. Full details will be available on the website on Monday April 6th but at this point, we can confirm we will be offering


Exploring 4-H and Cloverbuds will also have a resource available, originally from 4-H Ontario. 


We have also developed resources for members to complete Agriculture Awareness and Community Service that will be available soon.

These projects and activities will vary in the level of need for internet and information will be available on the website (no social media accounts required). Some will require the ability to watch videos, while others will be possible to complete with an initial download and instructions. The projects will have great flexibility and members can choose to complete as many as they would like. These online projects are OPTIONAL and are not required. If leaders feel comfortable meeting with their members virtually, they may continue to do so. If leaders want to use the resources from our website that is great as well. If members want to independently or as a family complete a project that is also great!



Completion for 2020 will include:

  • Virtual Activities or their original project requirements (if completed already or able to complete on their own.

  • Reflection Pages

  • Agriculture Awareness (virtual or an activity already completed)

  • Community Service (virtual or an activity already completed)

  • Communications


Specialists will be flexible with all members and want to work to complete as many members as possible! Members are welcome to reach out to their specialists at any time via email.


The online registration for virtual projects will be available until April 15th . Members may participate in as many virtual projects over the next several weeks as they would like and timing details will be included with each project outline on the website.


4-H PEI Board of Directors will continue to monitor the Public Health recommendations for future events and will provide timely updates as needed to our membership. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation at this time.










Home Economics




Cake Decorating

Looking Good Feeling Great




Great Outdoors

Sustainable Living


Intro to STEM

Sustainable Agriculture & Tech

March 16th, 2020


With recent developments related to Covid-19, all 4-H PEI staff will work from home effective immediately. We anticipated this development so staff spent time today gathering materials that they will need and developing a work plan. All staff have access to their email and phone messages. We will continue to monitor the situation and will update as needed but consider this step necessary to continue to do our part to protect Islanders.


Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Rayanne Frizzell, Administrative Director

March 13th, 2020

Hello Leaders, Members and 4-H Families,

Given the recent updates from PEI's Public Health recommending that gatherings be held only if a 2m spacing can be maintained by participants and following a call with 4-H Canada, the 4-H PEI Board of Directors held an emergency call tonight to discuss the impact of Covid-19 on our organization.


At this time, the board is suspending ALL 4-H programming and activities in the province until April 14, 2020 effective immediately. This includes and is not limited to all Club (including project meetings), Regional and Provincial activities, meetings, or social events.  Those members who are registered in the Market Beef project will receive a separate email with additional information.


The board will continue to monitor this fluid situation and will have an additional conversation in early April to see where things are at.   Club and Regional Communications will be impacted and staff will work to make new tentative plans for these events.  Regional Meetings that are scheduled at the end of March may be held by video conferencing or rescheduled and will be a decision of the Regional councils. The Special Meeting for Provincial Competition proposal is scheduled for May 5th - however we will reconsider this date dependent on Regions and Clubs being able to have meeting/conversation time. The BioFutures and Vet projects will be rescheduled.


This was a difficult decision but we believe that as a strong youth organization that prides ourselves on commitment to our community, it is in the best interest of our members, leaders and their families to put a pause on 4-H activities.  We appreciate your understanding in this unprecedented situation and welcome any questions or comments be sent to Administrative Director Rayanne Frizzell,






Rayanne Frizzell, Administrative Director


40 Enman Crescent, Suite 235, Charlottetown, PE C1E 1E6

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