Provincial Competition Proposal Update

Nov. 16, 2020 - After hearing the status of club level discussion across the province and the uncertainties that Covid presents to have additional discussions at club/regional/provincial levels, as well as the need to evaluate the plan with a Covid lense, the Board of Directors has decided to table the Provincial Achievement Day proposal. The Board will take a pause and allow the committee to reevaluate the plan in spring 2021 when we have a better understanding of restrictions for large gatherings with Covid 19. The hope is that a new series of discussions and meetings can happen in Fall 2021 with a proposal that would be possible to execute if approved. The vote on the proposal would happen at AGM 2022 and implemented following that vote if approved for the 2022-2023 4-H year.



4-H PEI Board of Directors

At AGM in February 2020, the new Provincial Achievement Day proposal was released.   The plan was for clubs and regions to be able to meet and discuss and then host a special meeting to allow for a final vote.   With all that has happened, regions and some clubs have not had an in-person meeting to discuss.  The board of directors recognizes that these in-person conversations are very important.   At their recent meeting, they passed a motion to delay the proposal timeline for 1 year.   The original proposal would have begun this Fall with registration moved to January 2021 and a Provincial Achievement Day happening September 2021.    This change will mean the proposed changes will not happen until January 2022 with a possible Provincial Achievement Day in September 2022.   This will (hopefully) allow for club and regional conversations this Fall with a vote at AGM February 2022.   The board will continue to monitor restrictions to ensure there is sufficient in person discussion time for the membership.   Feedback, Questions and Concerns are still welcome at any time by emailing

There is a recording of the Special Meeting that was held on Monday, November 19th, 2018.

To view this video and access more information regarding the RYF click here.