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4-H Conferences & Travel Opportunities

Though 4-H starts at the Club level, there is much more beyond that at the Regional, Provincial and National level. Each year 4-H members, especially those who are 16 years or older, have many opportunities to participate and network with 4-H members across Canada. 

The 2023 4-H Canada Citizenship Congress will happen IN-PERSON in February 2023.

Members, ages 16-21 as of the event date, must submit their name to Katie by October 21st if they are interested in attending this event. Preference will be given to members who have not had the opportunity to attend this event in a previous year or those who are not already attending the Members Forum this November. Note that official registration will not happen until 4-H Canada prompts members to do so (aiming for sometime in November) so the $500 registration fee will not be expected until that time.

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