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Animal 4-H Projects

It is very important that any 4-H member who is enrolled in an Animal 4-H Project take the time to make themselves familiar with the National Farm Animal Care Council - Code of Practice for their particular animal breed. Project leaders should ensure that they take the time to review the applicable Code of Practice. The Codes of Practice are nationally developed guidelines for the care and handling of farm animals. The Codes serve as our national understanding of animal care requirements and recommended practices.


  • Leaders - to access leader resources on Google Drive please contact your 4-H Specialist

  • 4-H members do not need to live on a farm to participate in an animal project, however, they should have access to the project that they choose to work with or make arrangements with the project leader. 

  • There are no Exhibition Entry Forms for the 2021 season, but registration for special events will be announced through social media and the monthly newsletter

  • The majority of Animal ID forms are due on June 1st each year, unless stated otherwise. Should you miss the deadline and would like to request submitting a late form, the member should contact the 4-H office 902-368-4833 or

General Livestock Information & Forms

Choose a Category:

Large Animal Projects
Beef 1.png

Beef Project

Age 9-21

This project aims to develop a better understanding of beef cattle production and management. As part of the project the member will learn how to both select and care for a show animal, as well as work on improving their beef animal judging and showing skills.


Beef Projet

Dairy Project

Age 9-21

This project is about more than just milk! This project will teach you the ins and outs of successful dairy farming. You’ll also cover basics, such as showing and animal care, and new and relevant dairy farming tools and practices.

Dairy Project

Equine Project

Riding, Driving or In-Hand

Age 9-21

This project explores many equine topics including (but not limited to) health and nutrition, safety, facility management, conformation, equine behaviour, and various equine sport disciplines, hobbies and professions. All members will learn how to show their animal in hand, and those with suitable animals can also opt to do riding or driving as part of their project.

Equine Project
Market Beef Project
Photo 1 - Champ 4-H Animal Emily McKenna & Murray Scott .jpg

* Project Completion in March *

Market Beef Project

Age 9-21

This project teaches members about selecting and finishing a market steer. Member will learn about beef cattle production and management, as well as how to show the animal. This projects completes at the Easter Beef Show & Sale in the spring of each year.      


Small Animal Projects

Develop the skill, patience and knowledge to train your dog for obedience. Explore many canine topics including (but not limited to) health and nutrition, safety, canine behaviour, and various canine sports, hobbies and professions. Member must own or have access to a canine on a daily basis. 


Canine Project

Cavy Project

Age 9-21

The goal of this project is to develop a strong knowledge foundation for cavy breeding and ownership practices. Topics  covered include, but are not limited to: animal well-being, cavy stress, housing, nutrition, handling and care, and exhibiting.

Cavy Project

Goat Project

Age 9-21

This project teaches you about goat housing and health, goats for all reason (cheese, soap and more!)and nutrition. You’ll pretty much learn everything you need to know to keep your goat happy and healthy. You’ll also learn how to show a goat, so you can proudly display all of your hard work.

Goat Project

* Spring Project *

Market Turkey Project

Age 9-21

Learn about health, nutrition, breeding, selection, housing, transportation, marketing and animal welfare. Showmanship and judging will be covered too!

Market Turkey Project

This project will focus on housing and management, breeding, marketing and nutrition. Among many other things you’ll learn what judges will be looking for in conformation and showmanship classes.

Poultry Project

This projects covers everything and anything you would want to know about raising and showing rabbits. You will learn about selection, husbandry, feeding and exhibiting rabbits. Handling rabbits, watching them grow and learning how to care for them is what this project is all about.

Rabbit Project

Sheep Project

Age 9-21

Learn about health, nutrition, breeding, lambing, selection, housing, transportation and animal welfare. Showmanship and judging will be covered too!

Sheep Project

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