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Agriculture & Fisheries 4-H Projects

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* Spring Project *

Floriculture 4-H Project

Age 9-21

  • Project Booklet for Member

Floriculture Project

Learn all about flowers! What is the difference between an annual, biennial and perennial? How do you control pests in your flower garden? What flowers like the most sun? Members will learn hands on how to plant and care for flowers, while also digging a little deeper into soil types, parts of a flower, creating flower arrangements and more!


* Spring Project *

Gardening 4-H Project

Age 9-21

Gardening 4-H Project

Where does your food come from!? Learn how to propagate seeds, how to plant them, how to keep weeds and pests under control and how to maintain a healthy garden in your back yard! Veseys Seeds proudly sponsors this project which means that members will receive all the seeds for free!


Lobster 4-H Project

Age 9-21

  • We hope to offer you new and improved member guide in the near future!

“For more than 150 years, PEI lobster fishers have been waking up early, setting their traps and hauling in the most delicious red-shelled crustaceans to share with customers around the world.” Now its your turn to learn more about this major Island industry. Learn how to build a trap, tie knots, how to be a cork and more!

Lobster Project

Potato 4-H Project

Age 9-21

  • We hope to offer you new and improved member guide in the near future!

“Growing potatoes is much more than just an industry… it’s a way of life!” Islanders have been growing potatoes since the 1700s and the industry remains strong. By exploring this project, members will develop a better understanding of this industry. Learn the difference between seed, table and processing potatoes. Develop knowledge about environmentally sustainable practices and, of course, how to grow your own potatoes!

Potato Project

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