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Achievement Days are just around the corner!

*** Project Booklet links have currently been removed from the website to allow time for staff to make necessary updates. With the introduction of 4-H Member Portfolios there are changes that need to be made to the booklets. We appreciate your patience and understanding. In the meantime, should you need a copy of a project booklet, please contact your  4-H Specialist. ***


To submit a Project Booklet order for print at the Provincial Office please call 902-368-4833 or contact your

4-H Specialist directly. Please give staff adequate time to prepare booklets. Thank you for your patience

4-H Projects

4-H projects are in-depth learning experiences for a topic that a member chooses to focus on. From the popular rabbit and dairy projects to electricity, cake decorating or knitting, the 4-H program has a project for everyone. You can even create your own project!

The projects are divided by categories below, while also relating to the four pillars of the National 4-H Program (indicated with corresponding symbols):

· Community Engagement & Communications

· Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security

· Environment & Healthy Living

· Science & Technology


Talk with your Club Overall Leader or Club Project Coordinator about offering a specific project in your Club. It will also be important to recruit a leader who has some expertise (or someone who is willing to Learn to Do By Doing!) in the chosen topic if the Club does not already have someone who is willing to fill the role.

Not sure which category to look in? Click here to view 4-H projects by name.


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Member Portfolios

New as of 2022-2023 all 4-H members will be given a 4-H Portfolio Binder as a means to track their 4-H career. 

Click the above images to learn more


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