PEI 4-H Council

The Prince Edward Island 4-H Council administers the 4-H Program on PEI.


The Council, through its Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Provincial Standing Committees, determines projects, policies and programs at the provincial level. The Board of Directors have the unique responsibility of providing direction and vision on behalf of its many participants. 

The PEI 4-H Council Board of Directors is responsible for the management and direction of the Administrative Director, who is responsible for the management and direction of the rest of the 4-H PEI staff. The 4-H PEI staff manage the daily operational affairs of the organization.

To operate the program, the Council solicits support annually (cash and in-kind) from public and private sector donors. In addition, 4-H District Councils and Clubs seek financial support in their own community.

The PEI 4-H Council is comprised of two registered leader representatives from each club, known as voting delegates. The entire Council meets annually at the PEI 4-H Council annual general meeting, held in February. From this large pool of delegates, a Board of Directors and Executive Committee is elected to carry out the work of the Council between annual general meetings.

Please feel free to contact the 4-H PEI Board of Directors

directly by email at 

2018 PEI 4-H Council Board of Directors



Amie Swallow-MacDonald 


Shelley Jollimore


Alicia Bruce

West Prince Director:

 Moira Shaw

West Prince Director-at-Large:

Karen Strehler

Summerside Director: 

Shelley Jollimore

Summerside Director-at-Large:

Jeannette Gallant

Charlottetown Director:

 Fred Vanderkloet

Charlottetown Director-at-Large:

Kaylin Buttimer
Montague Director: 

Muriel Knox 

Montague Director-at-Large: 

Jeff Matheson

Souris Director: 

Amie Swallow-MacDonald

Souris Director-at-Large: 

Alicia Bruce

Past President: 

Rayanne Frizzell


4-H Canada Youth Advisory Committee Rep:

Robert Larsen

Senior Member Representative:

Sophie MacDonald

Staff Representative: