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Outdoor Projects


Explore the world of cycling! From maintaining and repairing your bike, to going on a big cycling trip, there's lots to get you rolling!


This is the perfect project for the plant enthusiast. You'll learn an abundance of skills and knowledge related to plant life and gardening. Topics covered inclcude: preparing the soil, summer care, and harvest. Members who sign up for the Garden project by April 15 can receive a seed kit worth up to $25 from Vesseys!

The Great Outdoors

This project gives members and leaders the opportunity to work together and explore different activities to learn about and discover the world around us.


Timbersports are competitive sport activities based on skills traditionally a part of forestry training and work. Race with saws, make water boil, or run with a backtank! Train as a group, then challenge neighbouring clubs.


Growing potatoes on Prince Edward Island is much more than just an industry…it’s a way of life!  Islanders have been growing potatoes since the late 1700’s and the industry remains the lifeblood of the Island economy. Take this project and join the tradition!


In this project, you can learn to grow your own flower garden, start houseplants from cuttings, and learn to make flower arrangements.

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