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Industrial Technology

You'll be shocked by how much you learn! Learn where that zap of electricity comes from, how to make it and how to use it! Make simple, parallel and series circuits!

Gears, Gizmos and Gadgets
Work smarter, not harder. An introduction to how simple machines make work easier for us.

Blast innto this project as you discover the principals of model rocketry including rocket construction, science and flight.

Small Engines
Get your gears going with hands on learning. You'll explore how an engine works, the parts of an engine, cleaning, maintenance and trouble shooting. If you are interested in mechanics, agriculture, ATVs and other sport machines, this is for you! Small Engines 1 and 2 available.

Learn all about woodworking in three different units. Starting off at the basics, you'll learn how to use hand tools, and sand to a finish. By the end of the third unit you'll be using power tools and making wood joints. You'll build useful items and have a great time doing it! In Woodworking 1, build your very own gum ball machine; in woodworking 2, send the shelf you build to exhibitions, and in Woodworking 3, make a stool!
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